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 Retreats are an archdiocesan requirement for all students in grades 7th-Confirmation.  It is a great opportunity to make time to put faith as a priority in our busy lives.

The last several years, we've had the NET (National Evangelization Team) send a group of young adults to our site to make the retreat the best possible experience for our youth.  Below are the permission slips for the two retreats.  

The dates for the retreats are:

9th & 10th grade retreat  September 23rd  from 11-5

9th/10th grade permission slip

7th & 8th grade retreat  Jan 23rd  from 5:00-9:00

7th/8th grade permission slip

*Lunch will be provide for the Sept 24th retreat and supper for the Feb 15th retreat

We are also looking for volunteers to open up their homes to some of the members of the NET team while they are here for a few days.