Divine Savior Catholic School adopts the Milwaukee Archdiocesan curriculum guides as the guides for instruction of our students. Teacher shall make adaptations for students as necessary to meet their individual needs. Each teacher shall design lesson plans and use teaching strategies that enable all students to meet the standards established in the curriculum guides.

Assessment of student learning shall be accomplished by evaluation of daily assignments, teacher designed tests, class projects, textbook publisher evaluation tools, in addition to the administration of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, the cognitive Abilities Test, the religious Educational Development Inventory, and the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations.

Curriculum Philosophies

Curriculum Goals


Curriculum Guide - Religion - all grades

Curriculum Guide - Kindergarten

Curriculum Guide - First Grade

Curriculum Guide - Second Grade

Curriculum Guide - Third Grade

Curriculum Guide - Fourth Grade

Curriculum Guide - Fifth Grade

Curriculum Guide - Sixth Grade