Retreats and Activities



Retreats are a great way for junior high and high school students to "unplug" from today's secular society and take time to nurture their relationship with Christ and deepen their faith.

7th-10th grade students are required to make AT LEAST one retreat a year, but are welcome to participate in as many as they would like.

Leadership Lock-in Retreat

Friday January 26th, 2018 

This is an  opportunity for 6th-8th grade students to take the time to learn more about their faith and also how to take a leadership role. It helps empower them to stand up for their faith. 9th-11th graders take on the role as peer leaders during this retreat.  They act as role models and leader the younger students in activities and faith-sharing.

                                      Leadership Lock-in permission slip

 NET Retreat

The National Evangelization Team is a group of young adults (age 19-24) from all over the U.S. who take a year or two out of their lives to travel around the country putting on Catholic-based retreats for middle and high school students.  The retreats are theme-based and the team will use skits, prayer experience and inspirational talks to witness to our youth how to live out a faith-based life.

 7th-8th Grade NET Retreat will be held on Wednesday Feb 7th from 5-9pm at DSCS

                                    7th/8th permission slip

  9th-10 Grade NET Retreat will be held on Sunday September 24th from 11am-4pm at DSCS

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